Bog & Medier

The Art of Being Authentic

by T. Mark Meyer


To act out of fear is to deny feelings and emotion. But to act out of purpose is to embrace the real you. It’s an authentic expression that leads to peace, happiness, and improved self-esteem.

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to chase one goal after another in search of happiness. It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed by expectations—those of society, friends, family, and ourselves.

Maybe every day is a struggle to be “good enough.” Perhaps it feels like you’re fighting to keep everything together. No matter the internal battle you face, your journey toward happiness and fulfillment can have a happy ending. In The Art of Being Authentic, psychotherapist Mark Meyer provides key insight for developing a deeper understanding of yourself and finding your true center. He shows how to conquer feelings of inadequacy, discover your purpose, and, despite past or present trauma, improve your self-esteem for good. Untap motivation and learn to let go of the factors holding you back with this must-read for everyone searching for a purposeful, meaningful life.




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This episode is with psychotherapist and author of the book The Art of Being Authentic, T.Mark Meyer