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Resolve conflict and drive success

Conflict within a management group can impede progress and hinder success. As a seasoned facilitator with a background in both psychotherapy and conflict resolution, I offer personalized, one-on-one support to help your team resolve conflicts and achieve success.

You’ve likely already tried a variety of approaches to resolving conflicts within your management group. However, when conflicts persist and internal efforts prove unsuccessful, it may be time to seek external support. I bring a unique combination of expertise and understanding of both the business and psychological aspects of conflicts to the table. By addressing underlying emotional dynamics and relationship issues, I help your team develop a customized resolution strategy that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Take a look at the section below to learn more about my specific experience and qualifications in this area, and contact me to see how I can help your management team resolve conflicts and move forward towards success.

My proven experience in conflict resolution

When it comes to conflict resolution in management teams, experience is key. As a seasoned business leader, I have a wealth of experience navigating the complex issues and challenges that arise within management teams. I have held leadership roles such as  CEO, partner, Chairman of the Board and investor, providing me with a deep understanding of the various roles and dynamics at play in conflicts within a company.

I’ve been Country Manager of an English tech company that was acquired by a large German company, where I reported to both the English board and the new German board. As the Northern European Director of another English start-up company, I managed the growth ambitions of the international board, venture capitalist and country managers under my leadership. I have also raised capital and founded an award-winning tech company, and have served as an investor and member of the board for several companies over the years.

With my unique combination of business acumen and training as a psychotherapist, I bring a holistic approach to conflict resolution. I understand the underlying emotional dynamics and relationship issues that can arise within a management team, and use my experience to tailor my approach for each company’s unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to conflict resolution and I take the time to understand and address the specific needs of the company and individuals involved.