Find your purpose – One to One

Find your purpose is a series of one-to-one sessions aimed at leaders and athletes.

When you have a job that requires high performance, you are most likely very goal driven. You probably thrive on goals, and if you are a professional athlete, you are probably also surrounded by mental trainers and coaches.

The challenge is to thrive in this goal-driven way of living without falling out or, at worst, burning out. It can be difficult, as all kinds of coaching techniques and self-suggestion can ultimately end up seeming inauthentic and thus ineffective.

Goals by themselves are meaningless. There is something that comes before the goal, namely the purpose. A purpose is something that you cannot determine yourself, but something that you can uncover. If you don’t know your purpose(s), you won’t be able to realize your goals satisfactorily.

Find your purpose – one-to-one consists of 8 sessions with the aim of uncovering your purposes. It requires you to be prepared to enter the process with honesty and commitment. In exchange, the results will enable you to perform in a new, better and more authentic way.

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